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BloggerThemer is your one-stop spot for all Blogspot solutions! SEO, Templates, Widgets and How-tos.

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Whom we are

Whom We Are

@BloggerThemer, we boast of professional bloggers, addicted coders, experienced social-media strategists, SEO experts and developers working round the clock to serving you.

So, whichever blogging needs or tasks confront you, you can absolutely rely on our able hands and active minds.

Our focus

Our Focus

@BloggerThemer is established with a clear, refined and redefined target; the bloggers community.

Our team, by tapping into our pool of professionalism and expertise, is committed to helping the bloggers community by proffering simplified solutions to all and even the most sophisticated problems in the community.

From themes and templates to plugins and widgets, content creation and management to SEO for generating maximum traffic in the most simplified yet cost effective manners; we are determined to presenting the best results even in areas where the best is least expected.

Our mission

Our Mission

To both diehard WordPress platform users and Blogspot extremists or even to novice Square Space users; our goals for setting out are unique to all;

  • Success in shortest time possible
  • Continued success in the long run

Either you have chosen to become a blogger in order to make your voice heard, craft a brand out of your name or business or you simply want to make money; earning a leaving blogging, you are considered an important subject to our mission.

And as a matter of fact, all we care about is how to helping every bloggers that is aware of BloggerThemer existence attain success in the shortest time possible and continue succeeding.

Our vision

Our Vision

At BloggerThemer, we believe bloggers form an important part of the WWW ecosystem. Though quiet a number of bloggers have had while some are still enjoying their own share of importance either as dividends, earnings or respect, those bloggers who may never earn or enjoy any dividends, money or respect form the majority of the WWW ecosystem.

Meanwhile, as a team forged by a group of savvy and experienced bloggers, it is our dream, to one day see as many bloggers as we can reach enjoy and earn their share of bounties the WWW ecosystem has got to offer.


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