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Valuable Faces @BloggerThemer!

Meet with our authors, devs and other members without whom BloggerThemer or the content you enjoy on BloggerThemer could be history.

Ben Mike Ben Mike

A lovely husband, an awesome father blessed with two fabulous daughters by a beautiful wife. I currently spare-head the design hub for BloggerThemer.

Wanting to hook up with me? Here you go: twitter and @BloggerThemer.

Adede Koreola Adede Koreola

I am a fantastic writer and loves writing and working on tech, family, marketing and fitness projects.

I am currently the cheif editor at BloggerThemer. In plain English, I am responsible for most of the tutorials you see on BloggerThemer.

Osas William William Osas.

Less is more so I'll keep this short. I am the guy responsible for most of the themes and hacks you see on BloggerThemer

Hook up with me via our BloggerThemer official pages on twitter and Google My Business @BloggerThemer. You may also tip me via Patreon. I'll be glad you do.


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