Using WhatsApp TV to Making Money

Using WhatsApp TV As An Added Revenue Sources - fig.1

WhatsApp TV is fast becoming one of the many sources of revenue known only to a few set of peoples on the internet.

As a WhatsApp user, you already have the tools you need to run a WhatsApp TV, what you most likely need now is learning how to profit from using your tools.


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Apart from providing you with tools, tips and hints to helping you grow your blog traffic and in getting target audiences, we at are also committed at helping you make the most out of your traffic and audiences by introducing you to formidable revenue sources that can be channeled through your blog and one of those revenue sources is WhatsApp TV.

And in this tutorial, I am going to introduce you to WhatsApp Tv and explain to you; some basic information about WhatsApp Tv should you ever wished to run WhatsApp Tv and make money.

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What is WhatsApp Tv?

WhatsApp Tv is one of WhatsApp features designed originally for entertaining and engaging your WhatsApp contacts. This feature is known as WhatsApp Status but it becomes a television, WhatsApp Tv when you use it to entertain your contacts by posting interesting stuffs on your status and that are being viewed by so many people.

As earlier noted, WhatsApp Status is the WhatsApp feature that is being converted to a WhatsApp Tv by smarter individuals and businesses.

Now, do you know how to convert your WhatsApp Status to a WhatsApp Tv? Below here I have a simplified list of how to convert your WhatsApp Status to a WhatsApp Tv.

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How Can You Convert WhatsApp Status to A WhatsApp Tv?

  1. Get A Smartphone

    In order to use WhatsApp in the first place, you need to have WhatsApp application installed on your phone. And to install WhatsApp requires a compatible smartphone.

    So, get yourself a smartphone capable of running WhatsApp.

  2. Install WhatsApp On Your Phone

    Now that you supposedly have gotten a smartphone, now is the time to install WhatsApp on your smartphone.

    To install WhatsApp on your smartphone is easy. You can simply download WhatsApp directly from Google Play Store here or from Apple Store here. Whichever option you have gone for, the app is automatically installed on your phone after a successful download.

  3. Setup WhatsApp On Your Phone

    After you may have installed WhatsApp on your phone, now is the time to setup WhatsApp on the phone and start using it.

    Setting up WhatsApp on your phone is pretty easy and straight forward. In fact, the app would walk you through the steps involved all by itself.


    Since your intention for setting up this WhatsApp account is purely for business or rather, revenue-driven, it is recommended that you do not setup the account using your primary or personal (private) phone number - this is recommended and a good practice for a number of reasons.

  4. Get Some Media Files for Use On Your WhatsApp Status

    If you recall from the explanation of what WhatsApp Tv is, it is originally a WhatsApp feature designed purposefully for engaging or entertaining your audience. That WhatsApp feature is originally and officially known as WhatsApp Status.

    Therefore, to keep your WhatsApp audiences engaged or entertained, you would be needing some media files such as videos, images (.gif, .png, .jpg etcetera).

  5. Grow Your Contact List

    Again, if you recall, it is mentioned that your WhatsApp Status would not be regarded as a WhatsApp Tv if no or very few WhatsApp users view your WhatsApp Status.

    And to have sizeable WhatsApp users viewing your WhatsApp Status, you'll need to make sure you have a relatively huge traffic.

  6. You Now Have Your WhatsApp Tv

    That's it! You now have your WhatsApp Status fondly regarded as WhatsApp Tv.

Although the simple illustration above illustrates how to own a WhatsApp Tv, it does not indicate or illustrate what you should do to really start making money from a WhatsApp Tv.

In the list below, I have contained some list of what you should do to start making money from your WhatsApp Tv.

How to Start or Create A WhatsApp Tv and Make Money

  1. Pick A Niche

    By niche, in this context, I am referring to a specialization.

    To have a successful run, you need to have a specific market as your focus. Although you can combine several niches but it does not always work out that way, unless you are a celebrity who has a really huge followers.

    Otherwise, be focused on a specific niche. The best you can do instead, is to focus on a generalized niche rather than a specific niche so that instead of focusing breads, cakes and small chops niche, you'll focus foods and nutrition niche.

    That way, you'll have more chances of growing a huger audience, more topics to cover and more importantly; wider terrace of companies to serve.

  2. Build An Active Audience Around Your Content

    In order to pique the interest of companies or advertisers, even if you have decided to promoting your own products via your WhatsApp Tv, you need to have a really large number of contacts that are actively following and checking on your WhatsApp Status posts.

    Without this large number of audiences, it would be extremely difficult for you to making money off your WhatsApp Status. In other words, you need to start seeing your WhatsApp Status as a business venture hence, invest a considerable efforts in building and growing your contacts.

    For any business, quality traffic is key. And to get that quality traffic, you need to establish a good presence and boost your WhatsApp Tv recognition both online and offline.

    If your budgets permit it, you may consider using a PPC program such as Google Ads to boost your WhatsApp Tv presence online. Twitter and Facebook ads are also a good alternative.

  3. Upgrade Your WhatsApp Tv Tools

    By regularly updating your WhatsApp Tv tools, you increase your chances of making more money from your WhatsApp Tv. Besides, running the WhatsApp Tv using updated and upgraded tools would make working easy for you.

    Your phone, WhatsApp application and other applications you use for running the WhatsApp Tv are your WhatsApp Tv tools.

    Other than WhatsApp application that is a must have, other application needed to running a successful WhatsApp Tv could include Canva, Lumii and other multimedia applications necessary for creating and modifying media files for use on your WhatsApp Tv.


    • Phone:

      While you can start using just any smartphone, a smartphone categorized from mid-range to a high-end phone is required to run a successful WhatsApp Tv.

      One with better RAM size, from 4GB upward, good camera, fairly huge storage; around 64GB upward.

    • WhatsApp:

      In case you do not know, there are two types of WhatsApp application available for download in the app stores. Both WhatsApp Business popularly known as WA and the actual WhatsApp.

      The original WhatsApp App is the initial WhatsApp application which is designed for personal use. While the WhatsApp Business, WA is the WhatsApp App designed for businesses.

      While you can use both WhatsApp business and ordinary WhatsApp App for your WhatsApp Tv, since the intention for running WhatsApp Tv is purely for business; it is recommended that you choose to use WhatsApp business for your WhatsApp Tv.

  4. Save Your Contacts in the Cloud

    Since the success of your WhatsApp Tv campaign is directly proportional to the number of contacts you have, you would be needing to have a lots of contacts on your phone.

    But mind you, your phone shouldn't have that many contacts saved else, you would have to deal with massive laggings due to massive RAM consumption by the massively huge contact list.

    So, instead of having to deal with that, a smart individual or business would consider using the cloud solution.

    Google contacts is your best option especially if you are using Android device.

From one of the points listed above, I mentioned and recommend for you to choose WhatsApp Business for your WhatsApp Tv over ordinary WhatsApp App. If you are wondering why WhatsApp Business is recommended for use with WhatsApp Tv, below here I have listed few of the most important reasons you should use WhatsApp Business instead of the ordinary WhatsApp app.

Advantages of Using WhatsApp Business for WhatsApp Tv

  1. It Gives your Business An Identity

    Unlike the normal WhatsApp App, WhatsApp Business gives you the option of setting up your business profile on WhatsApp so that people can relate with your business rather than your personality.

    Apart from that, you also get to leverage your business better on the platform.

  2. It Gives You Insights On Audiences Interaction with your Business

    Another benefits you stand to enjoy when you use WhatsApp Business is that, you get to see stats of your campaign reach.

    Info like how many messages are viewed, who interact with your contents and the likes.

    With this kind of info, you can better understand your audiences, how your campaigns are performing and then, learn how to improve on your efforts.

  3. Set Automated Responses

    Because WhatsApp Business is designed for businesses, a feature such as this is expected of the app.

    This feature allows you set automated messages that are automatically sent as response to customers, clients or any individual that may send you messages when you are busy doing other stuffs.

    This feature further eases your burdens of having to reply any and all messages that are sent to you.

  4. Better Customization

    Another added advantage is that, WhatsApp Business allows you customize your business brands elements including logos and signatures.

But, wait, would you also like to have a separate personal WhatsApp account setup on your phone? Well, that's also possible.

Can I Use 2 WhatsApp Account On A Phone?

Yes. Apart from using applications such as parallel space which are being used to cloneing apps on your smartphone so that you may be able to use a single app for different purposes on a single phone, you can simply install both WhatsApp Business and Ordinary WhatsApp App and use both of them on a single phone; all at once, simultaneously.

While at that, it should be noted that only one phone number can be connected to a WhatsApp application or account at a time.

Therefore; you can use the normal WhatsApp as your personal account and use the WA business to run your WhatsApp TV with different phone numbers.

Now that supposedly, your WhatsApp business account is setup, and you are set to convert your WhatsApp Business account to a WhatsApp Tv; but you'd want to know exactly how to make money from your WhatsApp Tv.

Below here, I have a list of the possible business opportunities or revenue sources that await you when you have an active WhatsApp Tv.

Using WhatsApp TV As An Added Revenue Sources - fig.4

How to Earn Income or Make Money from Using WhatsApp Tv

  1. Sponsored Promotions

    If you have established yourself as an authority in your niche or field, helping businesses promote their products through your WhatsApp Tv would be one of the easiest things to do.

    You can write or send businesses proposals about your intent. Meanwhile, I need to remind you that most businesses would request for some stats that indicate and prove that you actually can help their businesses.

    Therefore, you should keep such files that could help back your proves up. Screenshots of your previous WhatsApp Status views, contacts list and the likes.

    For sponsored promotions, you would most likely be the one to determine how much you are paid for every single content promoted.

  2. Promote Your Own Products or Services

    If in reality, you offer any services or you sell any products, you can easily and effortlessly promote your products and or services using your WhatsApp Tv.

    It doesn't matter what kind of products you have for sell or the kind of services you offer, WhatsApp Tv is always an efficient channel for promoting your own business especially if you have most of your own contacts in your list.

  3. Earn As An Affiliate

    Another viable revenue source you can channel from your WhatsApp Tv is by promoting your affiliate links.

    Promoting your affiliate links via WhatsApp status is easy but tactical. In order to get desired responses and returns, you will need to apply some tactics that shall be discussed later on in another post, perhaps.

Okay. Now, you have had your WhatsApp Business account ready, readied your WhatsApp Tv and your first sets of contents, known a few ways through which you can be making money from your WhatsApp Tv and now, you are confronted with the challenges of growing your WhatsApp Tv followers, views and engagement. Right?

Okay. In the next couple of lines, I shall discuss a few options and reveal some hints on how to promote and grow your WhatsApp Tv contacts list and engagement.

Using WhatsApp TV As An Added Revenue Sources - fig.5

How to Grow Your WhatsApp Tv Contacts List and Views

  1. Establish Relationships with Like Minds and Owners

    As a starter, one of the smartest moves you can make is to establish a relationship with others running WhatsApp Tv similar to yours.

    You can approach them to negotiate a deal, send them some of your finest banners or video files and get them upload it for you.

    Your best shot would be to use animated images that promote your own WhatsApp Tv links and opportunities.

    While this option would be cheap, it is mostly more effective than most other options available.

  2. Use your Social Channels

    Facebook especially is mostly friendly when it comes to promoting your WhatsApp links. You can use Facebook to promote your WhatsApp profile link to get more people to viewing your WhatsApp status or even add your WhatsApp line to their contacts so that they may get your status updates henceforth.

    Similar to Facebook, you can use your other social channels such as Twitter, instagram, YouTube and the likes to grow your WhatsApp audience.

  3. Use PPC Programs

    If you have enough budgets to go round, you can use PPC Programs such as Google ads to promoting your WhatsApp links.

    Twitter and Facebook are also a good alternative to getting a more targeted audiences to following and viewing your WhatsApp Tv.

  4. Utilize Referral Contest

    If you have established a good relationship with your existing audience, you can actually encourage them to refer their own contacts too so that they can also have your WhatsApp line in their contacts hence, follow and view your every updates henceforth.

  5. Push Quality Updates Regularly

    When I say quality regular updates, I mean contents that are actually beneficial to your audiences.

    The contents could be humorous or stern, in any case, those contents must be beneficial to your audiences otherwise, you would see them leaving or abandoning your channel in bits till you'll loose most of your vital audiences.


With whatsapp's over 2 billions active users across the globe, there is no doubt that whatsapp is one of the best social media platforms anyone that knows how to utilize it can use to making thousands if not millions as of yet.

Meanwhile, if you are among those that ponder over how to earning some income using whatsapp, in this post, I have provided you with all the basic information you need to get started.

Now, the only constraints you could have is you taking action.

Got Questions to Ask?

If you still have any questions to ask, you can do so by asking your questions in the comments box below.

Good luck.


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