Optimized Blogger No ResultsFound Page Good for Better SEO

Optimized Blogger No ResultsFound Page Recommended for Good SEO

Similar to an error 404 page, Blogger NoResults Found Page is one of the many pages any blogger using the Blogger platform for blogging should utilize to his own advantage.

Why? Because it could be used to improve and enhance your blogspot SEO experience such that your blog would have better and far more pageviews, reduced bounce rates etcetera.

Hay! I know most of you guys may be confusing the No ResultsFound Page with the error 404 page but, alas! They are not the same.

Still don't get it? Let me give you a breakdown of the meanings of both error 404 and the No ResultsFound pages including their similarities and differences.

What is Error404?

Error404 is the http status code that is returned when you click on a link to a page or a file that does not exist on a server. Error404 is also most commonly being referred to as PAGE NOT FOUND page.

As it is defined from above, a link could return an Error404 - Page Not Found message if the link you have typed is in error as in the case of typographical errors or if the page linked to has been removed from the server entirely.

A typical example of this is when you are asking for offloading department at BloggerThemer when what we have is delivery department.

Certainly, we don't offer any services that requires offloading therefore, there would be no use for offloading department at BloggerThemer.

Although, it is possible you are misled from an external link and end up sending queries that would endup in Error404.

In essence, Error404 simply tells you a page, a department, a file etc... does not exists at that moment though it may become available or made available at a later time.

Whereas, in the case with No ResultsFound Page, it tells you the page is available or the department is available BUT what you are looking for in it is not available or found at that moment though it may become available or made available later in the future.

So, just what is No ResultsFound page?

What is No ResultsFound Page?

No ResultsFound page is the page that is returned when you click on a link that sends a query querying a particular page or url on a server for an item, file or info that does not exist as of yet on that page or url. The appropriate http status code for No ResultsFound page is 200.

So, unlike the case with Error404 page, with No ResultsFound page, the page is available there but what you are looking for on that page is not there as of yet though it may become available later.

Now, let me relate this with the previous example given earlier when talking about Error404 page.

Let's now supposed you come to BloggerThemer asking for Mr Alex at our delivery department. Truly, we do have delivery department at BloggerThemer but we don't have any staff bearing Alex at our delivery department.

In that case, the response would be No Results Found.

I hope you now understand the meanings of both Error404 and No ResultsFound pages?

Now, let me proceed to the actual discussion of this publication.

Okay, before I forget, starting from this point; I would not be talking about Error404 Page here anymore. If you would like to learn more about Error404 Page, go here: Blogger Error 404 Page that Search Engines Love

When Do You Encounter No ResultsFound Page on Blogger Website?

  1. At the Homepage

    A blogger website that has no published posts yet, when visited would return a No ResultsFound page.

  2. Blogger Label URL that Has No Posts

    If you mistakenly or intentionally link to a Blogger label or category URL that has no posts tagged under it yet, when visited; would return a No ResultsFound page.

  3. Blogger Archive URL that Has No Posts in It

    A Blogger archive URL that has no published posts yet, when visited; would return a No ResultsFound page.

  4. Blogger Search Results Page Whose Response is Null

    If you use Blogger default Search widget to search for a phrase or word not written exactly as it is contained in any of your blog posts; would return a No ResultsFound page.

So, going by the list from above, you can be sure that a number of users using your blog on daily bases or occasionally are likely having issues browsing your blog or leaving your blog for another blog more friendly to users in terms of their design.

Anyways, below here I enlist just five reasons why you should aim to create a better No ResultsFound Page optimized for improved SEO on your Blogger blog.

Why Modify Blogger No ResultsFound Page for Best SEO?

  1. For Reduced Bounce Rates

    What's bounce rate? Bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors who enter your blog and then leave ("bounce") rather than continue to viewing other pages within the same website or blog. Bounce rate is calculated by counting the number of single page visits and dividing that by the total visits. It is therefore represented as a percentage of total visits. - source: Wikipedia

    Let's supposed a visitor arrives your blog and searched for Error404 but none of your pages or posts contains Error404 exactly instead, you have Error 404. In that case, Blogger would return a No ResultsFound page as response.

    Well, at this point, if your No ResultsFound page is not well optimized for better SEO, that visitor may be disappointed and leave your blog that instant.

  2. For Increasing Page Views Per Visits

    Definitely, if your Blog's bounce rate is reduced, your blog would have increase in page views per visits which will automatically results to increase in traffic.

  3. To Boosting Trust

    One of the most irritating thing about your blog to your blog visitors is their encounter with No ResultsFound pages along with Error404. But when you have a friendly and SEO optimized No ResultsFound page that helps them locate exactly what they might have missed, then you are a winner.

    Thus, your blog's followers would not only love your blog for that, they would also willingly recommend your blog to others on the long run.

  4. For Improved Alexa Rank

    You may think Alexa Rank does not really mean much to your blog but really, it does. Advertisers consider websites Alexa data before they bet on the possible ROI of the adverts on that site.

    Affiliate sites such as Commission Junction, CJ and the likes also consider Alexa Rank before enrolling a website into their platform.

  5. For Google Search Credibility

    Have you ever came across some Google's recommendations on ranking factors? Google almost always advises that you build your webpages for your human readers and not search engines. The same goes for Bing Search, too.

    In plain English, what that means is that you should make your webpages as friendly as possible to your readers. And one of those things that make your blog friendly to your readers is making it easy for your readers to read through the blog. Making it easy for them to find and locate what they are looking for on the blog is also part and parcel of it.

Any Example of Optimized No ResultsFound Page for Blogger Website?

Well, most of our premium Blogger templates are already updated and featured the improved No ResultsFound Page for Blogger blog.

If you are a premium user of any of our Blogger template and you have yet updated your Blogger template, kindly visit your archive to download the latest template and update your Blogger template using the tutorial here.

Meanwhile, to know if your template already has improved Blogger No ResultsFound Page or to have a sneak view of what Optimized Blogger No ResultsFound Page looks like, click here.

Got Some Questions?

As you may have noticed, using the best methods known to me and in the simplest vocabularies I know of, I have presented these step by step tutorial. However, if there are some areas you could not understand or others you need help at, simply use the comments box below. Myself or one of my colleagues shall attend to your comments and provide answers to your every questions or assist you further.


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