Blogger Error 404: What Does SEO Optimized 404 Page Looks Like?

Error 404 page

If you are thinking of boosting your blogspot SEO, blogger error 404 page must be in your checklist. I mean, your blogger blog error 404 page must also be SEO optimized in order to boost your blogspot SEO.

At BloggerThemer, we are always combing for ways to better improve your blogspot experience so that you can easily blog with little or no cost at all and also make as more money as you wish for. And to those bloggers who wish for fame rather than money, we also want to make sure you get your deserved fame as easily. - and one of the many ways we are working on to ensure that you are pleased is by ensuring that your blogger blog receives maximum traffic possible; both organic and inorganic traffic.

Or, how else can a blog worth more and or become famous if not by generating quality returning traffic? Well, there's most likely no other way!

And luckily, blogger error404 page is one of the many ways you can tap into and boost your blogspot SEO thereof.

In this tutorial, I would be discussing what SEO optimized blogger error 404 page looks like and why you should thrive and ensure your blogger error404 page is SEO optimized.

Meanwhile, before I proceed, as usual; let me introduce you to error 404 page, explain some terms that you may find confusing or hard to understand, and then proceed into the main topic for discussion.

First off, let me start with;

What is Error 404?

Error 404 is the http status code that is returned when you click on a link to a page or a file that does not exist on that particular server within which that file or link is supposedly exists. This happens when the web admins have modified the link to the page or has had the page or the file deleted entirely. And it is also possible that you typed the link wrongly in your browser or you clicked through to the page from another page that linked to an outdated url.

In order words, the page you arrived at when you click on a link that no longer exists on a server is being referred to as error 404 page.

Okay. I believe you now understand what error 404 and error 404 page are and you can already tell the difference between the two.

Good. What you probably do not know now is why or the exact reasons for having error404 pages in place and I shall discuss that too. But before I go into the details, let me give you some hints.

Error404 Fun Facts:

  • Links that lead to nowhere hence end up in error 404 page are often referred to as broken links or dead links.
  • HTTP Status line is the standard name that is often wrongly referred to as http status code.
  • The http status line combines both the http status code and http status reason where for an instance; 404 is the http status code and Not Found being the http status reason. The http status line in that case would be 404: Page Not Found.

While, from the hints above, you may have had the liberty to understand the HTTP status code, HTTP status reason and HTTP status line in this regard, you should also be informed that; individuals could get crafty and decide to use any title and or contents as such deem fit for their error 404 pages. What is more important is the code that is returned by your server each time a 404 Not Found error is hit.

And I must comment, Google actually did a very good job here as Blogger clearly and accurately accords 200 No Results Found error and 404 Not Found error where appropriate.

I categorically mentioned 200 NoResults Found Error just above here because it is the only HTTP status code that most people confused to being the same as 404 Not Found Error. While both No Results Found and Not Found errors are similar, they are not the same.


In one of my previous posts, I have covered all you may ever need to learn about Blogger NoResults Found Page and how you should optimize that page to boost blogspot SEO as well. You may learn about that here: Blogger 200 No Results Found error

With all that said, now, what is the purpose of error404 page?.

What Are the Purposes of Error 404 Page

  1. It Conveys Warning Message

    The primary purpose of Error 404 page is to inform any user requesting for a file or page on a blog, website or any server that the file being requested for is missing; if actually the file is truly missing.

  2. It Makes Browsing Any Website Friendly

    Apart from computer programs and bots, humans browse websites. And one other really crucial purpose for having an error404 page in place is to ensuring that your website is actually human-friendly and readable. By this, instead of having to read through series of codes or going back and fourth uninformed, error 404 page is introduced to tell the user exactly what has happened and why it happened.

  3. It Improves Websites Navigation

    Another important purpose a good, SEO-optimized error 404 page serves is that it improves any website navigation system. While this is not part of the primary purposes for the error 404 page, developers that care more about web traffic and that are watchful of SEO trends, always bind the website navigation system to the error 404 page from the source.

Okay. From the list above, I have listed three core reasons why error404 page exists. Needless to say though, some web developers do go some extra lengths by either using the error 404 page to amusing their users and visitors or using it to passing another information entirely.

Google's own error 404 page

Meanwhile, to those web developers that care more about utilizing every opportunity to pulling maximum traffic to their webpages and keeping their users engaged, right there on the same error 404 page; they help their users find and get to exactly what they are looking for on their website easily. - note that down!

...right there on the same error 404 page; they help their users find and get to exactly what they are looking for on their website easily.

How to Know SEO-Optimized Error 404 Page

  1. Must Be Simple and Light

    Unlike all other web pages, error404 page must be given a really simple design. Afterall, the page is supposed to serve only some very specific purposes.

  2. Must Be Really Fast and Snap at Loading

    Since error404 page does not actually contains the information the users want or need, it should not take much time to load fully. In most cases though, really simple error 404 pages are fast and snap at loading.

    So, if your error 404 page passes the point number one, it most likely passes this too.

  3. Must Be Responsive and Mobile Friendly

    Well, this actually goes for all web pages. Not just error 404 pages.

    An SEO-Optimized error404 page must be responsive and mobile-friendly.

  4. Must Pass Clear Information

    Of course, the number one purpose for having error 404 page in place is to clearly inform the user of the error that has occurred. So, if any error 404 page does not fulfill this need, it is not an error404 page.

  5. Must Point Users in the Right Direction

    Another hidden intention for having human-readable error 404 page in place is to help web surfers easily navigate a website. So, including a site-wide search widget or any other widgets that could allow the users work their ways to the exact contents or similar contents they originally aim to get on that website right there on the same error 404 page is a good SEO practice.

  6. Free of Distracting Elements

    An SEO-Optimized error 404 page must be free of distracting elements.

Example of SEO-Optimized Error404 Page for Blogger Website?

Good. Most of our premium Blogger templates already featured improved and SEO-Optimized error404 page for Blogger.

If you are a premium user of any of our Blogger template, ensure you always have the latest template release installed on your Blogger website to benefit from our most recent SEO tweaks for your template.

Meanwhile, here is an example of SEO-Optimized error404 page for Blogger website: iVFlattened Error 404 Page.

Got Some Questions?

As you may have noticed, using the best methods known to me and in the simplest vocabularies I know of, I have presented these tutorial. However, if there are some areas you could not understand or others you need help at, simply use the comments box below. Myself or one of my colleagues shall attend to your comments and provide answers to your every questions or assist you further.


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