Backing Up FeedBurner Subscribers E-mail List and Your Next Move

backup FeedBurner subscribers email list

In this article, I would be discussing how to make a backup of your FeedBurner e-mail subsbribers list, what the latest newsletter you received from Google about changes coming to FeedBurner could mean to you and what next move you should make.

Sometimes last week, starting assumably around April 14, 2021; Google began sending FeedBurner notifications about certain changes coming to FeedBurner soon which includes taking down the FeedBurner e-mail subscription feature along with a host of other feed management features of the FeedBurner feed syndication services to all FeedBurner services users and that also includes all blogspot users that have the FeedBurner email subscription widget enabled for their blogger blog.

Although, in that newsletter received from Google about this changes coming to FeedBurner, Google did not state categorically which other features would be taken down along with the FeedBurner e-mail subscription feature but Google did categorize them all as a "non-core" features and below here I quote;

Starting in July, we are transitioning FeedBurner onto a more stable, modern infrastructure.

This will keep the product up and running for all users, but it also means that we will be turning down most non-core feed management features, including email subscriptions, at that time.

And since this notification or should I say; "newsletter" was received from Google, bloggers using the Google blogspot service around the world have being saying things most of which, perhaps do not relate to the content of the newsletter.

Meanwhile, before I discuss other issues, shall we discuss how to export your FeedBurner email subsbribers list into a .csv file first? Because that seem to be of a higher priority this moment.

How to Make A Backup of your FeedBurner E-mail Subscribers List

  1. backup FeedBurner subscribers email list step-1

    Login your FeedBurner Account

    Visit FeedBurner homepage from here and login your FeedBurner account using your blogger blog or your Google account login details.


    • If you have multiple Google accounts, you must login exact Google account with which you manage feeds with FeedBurner.
    • Here, I am assuming you are not logged onto FeedBurner yet otherwise, you could skip this step and proceed to the next step below.
  2. backup FeedBurner subscribers email list step-2

    Select the FeedBurner Feed Whose E-mail Subscribers List you Wish to Backup

    Once you are successfully logged onto FeedBurner, the next screen takes you to your FeedBurner account dashboard page.

    On this page, you would see all the feeds being managed by FeedBurner using that account.

    Provided you did not modify the FeedBurner feeds name, you should be able to identify the FeedBurner feeds e-mail subscribers list you wish to backup by their names because FeedBurner automatically names your feeds after the blog the source feeds belong.

  3. backup FeedBurner subscribers email list step-3

    Click On Publicize Tab

    The publicize tab is the tab that contains all the FeedBurner tools or features that allows you distribute your blog feeds or allows you enhance the distribution of your blog feeds.

  4. backup FeedBurner subscribers email list step-4

    Click on E-mail Subscriptions from FeedBurner's Vertical Left Menu

    From this page, look to the left of your screen, you would see a list of links Vertically arranged.

    From these links, locate "E-mail Subscriptions" and click it.

  5. backup FeedBurner subscribers email list step-5

    Click Subscriptions Management

    Once the "E-mail Subscriptions" page is loaded, right under it, still at the FeedBurner's vertical menu to the left of the screen, you should now see "Subscriptions Management" link. Click on that link and proceed.

  6. backup FeedBurner subscribers email list step-6

    Click View Subscribers Details

    From that page, locate and click "View Subscribers Details" link. Once clicked, on that same page, the list of all your subscribers would be displayed.

  7. backup FeedBurner subscribers email list step-7

    Click Export: CSV

    Now, from this page, you can easily export your FeedBurner email subsbribers list into a CSV file.

    Simply click the "CSV" link.

    Once clicked, a box prompting you to save the file should appear. Navigate or browse to the folder where you want that backup saved and select it and then click "Save" or "Download"; depending on what your browser brings.

  8. backup FeedBurner subscribers email list step-8

    You Now Have your FeedBurner E-mail Subscribers List Backup File

    CSV is an acronym for Comma-Separated Value and it is a popular file format supported by many services that support and allow import and export of data or files that are saved or stored in tables. You can learn more about CSV files format here.

    By exporting your FeedBurner's feeds email subscribers list into a CSV file, you can easily take that backup and upload it on as many cloud storage as you want or save it in your hard drives.

    And using that CSV file that contains your FeedBurner's email subscribers list, you can easily import your FeedBurner email subscribers list onto any other better e-mail subscribers management services such as constant contacts, mailchimp, aweber and the likes of them.

Now that you probably have had your FeedBurner e-mail subscribers list exported into CSV and the backup file is now safe with you, we may now proceed to discussing other relevant matters.

Why Should You Backup Your FeedBurner E-mail Subscribers List?

  1. Safe-keeping for Raining Days

    Although, one of such raining days is already dawn at us. By "us" I mean all bloggers using the blogspot platform. But before now, do you know that it is necessary for you to frequently backup your FeedBurner E-mail subscribers list?

    Before now, I usually take a backup of my FeedBurner e-mail subscribers list every two weeks. You wonder why?

    Okay. Here is why.

    Just like you, my FeedBurner account is linked to my Google account thus, anybody that has access to your Google account on any device has access to all Google services linked to your Google account and that includes FeedBurner dashboard. You probably already know the risk?

    Should your Google account falls in the hands of bad actors, that could be the end of it.

    All the subscribers you have worked really hard and smart to get over the years could be lost in a flash.

  2. For Proper and Appropriate Subscribers Management

    Taking regular backup of your FeedBurner email subscribers list lets you have full control over whom your subscribers are. You can identify and moderate how your feed distributions are done.

  3. For Enhanced Communication

    While FeedBurner lets you distribute your blog posts via email to your subscribers, it does not allow you do more.

    When you have a backup of your FeedBurner email subscribers list, using other services or via one-to-one emailing, you can Communicate your subscribers.

  4. To Boost Subscribers Retention

    If you have the option turned "On", FeedBurner sends you notification emails when a subscriber unsubscribed from your feed.

    You can better manage this and boost your blog subscribers retention if you have your FeedBurner subscribers email list backup file.

Could this Mean the End of FeedBurner?

I hope not. But going by Google's history of killing services, it is safe to believe that if Google really wishes to kill FeedBurner services, it would have been stated categorically in the newsletter you and I received regarding the coming changes to the FeedBurner services.

Any FeedBurner Alternatives?

There are several alternatives to the services FeedBurner offers but which alternatives to go depends on if you are willing to move only your FeedBurner email subscribers list to another service or you are willing to abandone FeedBurner services all together.

First, let me assume you are migrating your FeedBurner email subscribers list to another service, mailchimp, constant contacts and aweber are popular and better alternatives.

I ought to inform you though, those services are better compare to FeedBurner's email subscribers management, none of them is entirely free to use.

At best, you can manage up to two thousand subscribers completely free. Anything beyond that, you get to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee.

How About Subscribers Widget for Blogger?

Already, most of the email subscribers management services listed from above has email subscribers widget that is compatable with blogger and can be installed in your blogger template. Moreso, mailchimp for example; has detailed tutorials that describe how to install and use their tools.

The only issue you could have is theming the email subscribers widget to fit and align well with your blogger template and you can always go around that by relying on Google Search as your guide.

But if you use one of our premium blogger templates on your blogger blog, we already have support for mailchimp and constant contacts email subscribers management services as their email subscribers widget is already pre-installed in our premium blogger templates.

And if you are not willing to switch your blogger template yet, we can help you design, customize and install your desired email subscribers widget on your blogger blog.

Conclusion: other concerns about blogspot services

For at least, seven years ago, bloggers around the world have being contemplating that Google may soon suspend FeedBurner services just like other services that were previously discontinued by Google.

As for blogger; blogspot it has been over twelve years since similar rumour have being going about.

So, is it possible Google dances to the tune of these bloggers pushing the rumours? Would Google really discontinue blogger (blogspot)?

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