Simple "Share to Twitter" Widget that Helps Double-up your Blog Traffic

Share to Twitter Widget

Recently, we made a few changes in our blogger templates' "Share to Twitter widget for blogger" and since then, we have being noticing increasing traffic to the few blogs (in our watchlist) that have installed the optimized "share to Twitter" widget.

What Does the "Optimized Share to Twitter Widget for Blogger" Do?

  1. Automatically Notifies Blogger Website Admins of New Share

    The newly modified and Optimized "Share to Twitter" widget notifies the blog admins via twitter each time someone shares their blog post to Twitter using the Share to Twitter Widget.

  2. Automatically Embeds Hashtags in Tweets

    Additionally, the optimized Share to Twitter widget for blogger also embeds the blog post labels as #hashtags in the sharing post each time someone shares the posts to Twitter.

As unbelievable as it may seem, these two (2) added functions are responsible for the traffic spike to these blogger blogs.

How Does this "Share to Twitter Widget" Creates Traffic Spike to the Blogs?

Good question.

For a fact, we know that every blog has its own unique sets of visitors or readers. Even if it is just a few visitors each day.

Another fact is that; each of these visitors has his or her own social platforms where he or she mingles. And since these visitors mingle in these social platforms, each of them must have friends or groups with which they interact.

Now, supposing you publish a content on your blogger blog and one of your blog loyal readers checked the content. Luckily, he or she loves the post, he could share the post to one of the social platforms he uses. -hopefully, he shares the blog post to Twitter.

Point #1:

...hopefully, he shares the blog post to Twitter.

I supposed you already noted down the point #1 from above?


And here are some other facts that should be noted;

Each time your readers share your blog post to Twitter; that particular blog post is exposed to:

  1. The Twitter followers and friends of the person who shared the post.

  2. Users searching for the #hashtags embedded in the blog post (that was shared to twitter) on twitter.

  3. Users following the #hashtags embedded in the blog post (shared to twitter) on Twitter Trends.

  4. People searching for the #hashtags embedded in the blog post (that was shared to twitter) from search engines e.g Google, Bing, Baidu etc.

Point #2 is made!

Note down the listed group of points from above.

Now, let us assume twenty (20) readers of that same post share the post in a day, they expose that post to the same number of people that falls in the categories outlined (in the listed points) above at twenty (20) different times that day alone.

Do you now get the gist?

This simple share to twitter widget for blogger simply duplicates your blogger blog traffic.

Why Should You Install this "Share to Twitter" Widget in Blogger?

  1. Speed:

    Unlike when you are using AddThis, ShareThis or other similar services that offer your blog similar functionality hence extending your blog's load time, this Share to Twitter widget does not alter your blog speed in any way.

  2. Blend:

    This Share to Twitter widget blends better with your Blogspot blog theme regardless.

    Because other widgets such as AddThis belongs not to you, you have limited access and rights to modify the widgets as you wish but in this case, you can modify the widgets further.

  3. Zero Cost Price:

    You use this at no cost at all. No unwanted ads to show. No price to pay. No demo version or limited usage timeframe. It is premium by design and belongs to you. You own it cortsey of BloggerThemer.

  4. Lesser Codes:

    Because this Share to Twitter Widget only modifies or replaces your existing Blogger twitter sharing widget (depends on what you choose to do with it), you end up with a less condensed template which is better for search engines bots.

  5. Native to Blogspot:

    This Share to Twitter widget utilizes native Blogspot tags. Very few or no external js codes are added or used and no external servers are called except for the essential minimal defaults.

  6. More Duplicated Blog Traffic:

    Because it encourages your blog visitors to share your blog posts and from the simple blog sharing acts, you could be getting an increasing traffic to your blog.

    So, if you are looking to increasing blogger blog traffic on a daily basis, gaining ground in the social media community is one of the best options available to any blogger including you.

How to Embed this "Share to Twitter" Widget in Blogger

It's easy.

All you have to do is to just copy (paste) the entire line of codes (provided below) within your blogger blog template precisely within your existing Blogger share widget.

<a expr:href='"" + data:post.url + "&text=" + data:post.title + "&hashtags=" + data:post.labels + "&via=" + data:blog.title' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'><i class='fa fa-twitter'/></a>

That's it! Just copy (paste) the line of codes in the code block above ideally within your existing share widget in your blogger template.

How Does this "Share to Twitter Widget for Blogger" Works?

  1. It Shares your Blog Post Link:

    Of course, the primary reason for installing any social sharing widget on your blogger website, is to enable your readers share your blog posts on the respective social sharing platforms and this simple "share to Twitter" widget does just that.

  2. It Shares your Blog Post Title as Text

    This feature automatically embeds your blog post title as the text that is shared with the blog post link each time someone attempts to share your blog post on Twitter using the widget.

  3. It Embeds Hashtags in the Post Being Shared

    This feature automatically embeds your blog post labels as the #hashtags of the post being shared to twitter. This is done each time someone attempts to share your blog post to Twitter using the widget.

  4. It Embeds your Twitter Handle in the Tweet

    This feature adds your Twitter handle to the tweet (text) being shared to twitter each time someone attempts to share your blog post to Twitter.


    To those who have purchased our template, to further customize the twitter handle that is automatically added to the tweet text maybe to another handle (other than the default) or add additional handle, refer to the documentation (PDF File) that is contained in your template folder in Google Drive.

What if I Want to Style this "Share to Twitter" Widget to Fit Well in My Blog?

Yes. I thought as much as it is necessary to style any share widget in a manner that allows it attract higher attention and clicks from the viewers and readers alike.

But unfortunately, before I can be able to provide an accurate set of codes and instructions for styling your blog social sharing widget, I'll be needing to know;

  1. Which sharing widget you are currently using on your blog.
  2. Your current blogger template. -this is only necessary in deciding the best alignment for better output.

Unless those points forelisted are made known, it is impossible to provide an accurate sets of codes for styling your entire share widget or just your share to Twitter widget.

But of course, if you know a bit of CSS and JavaScript (or you can research), you should be able to come up with a strikingly beautiful design set that gives better results in terms of social share volumes in your blog social sharing widget.


You can contact us from here so that we can help you install the share to Twitter widget for blogger on your blog or switch your entire blog social sharing widgets to one of our own best performing social sharing widgets.

And you can also decide to check on our blogger templates which we have designed and optimized for best performance in speed, lead generation, and conversion and for SEO in order to ensure your blogger blog gets maximum organic traffic possible.


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