iVMega Premium Blogger Theme

iVMega Blogger Theme iVMega Premium Blogger Theme
iVMega Premium Blogger Template

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iVMega Blogger Theme

Short Description:

iVMega blogger template is designed with the core purpose that it could be used by and installed on individuals, personal, firms, associations, organizations and companies blogger blogs hence it is given such extensive touches that are evident in the design, speed and efficiency of the iVMega blogger template.

Theme Purpose:

iVMega blogger template is highly optimized for blogger blogs such that the blogger template fits and goes well with virtually all purposes.

So, either you are just starting up, creating a fresh blog or you have existing blog not doing well in terms of traffic and overall SEO, you can rely on iVMega blogger template as the template is highly optimized for search engines spiders, friendly to human readers and easy to navigate.

Earnings Potentials:

And if making more money from your blogger is a concern to you, iVMega Premium blogger template is designed to enhance your blogger blog earning Potentials such that you can make even more money via:

Google AdSense:

  • iVMega blogger theme has up to 6 (six) spots where you can display Google Ads and increase your AdSense earnings exponentially.
  • It supports speedy and fast Google auto-ads (for mobile and desktop devices) that has the potential to increase your AdSense earnings by more than 4-times.
  • Auto-rotate feature for affiliate banners, links, text ads, and Google Ads exchange services.
  • The blogger theme supports random display per page load of affiliate banners, links and custom ads display.

Accept Donations:

If your blog already has loyal fans and readers that are willing to reward your efforts, you can request for and accept donations via PayPal, Bitcoin and Card (Visa, MasterCard etc.) using the donation page of the iVMega Premium blogger theme.

Sell Items

And if you have a few items, digital files or any items to sell on your blogger blog including adverts spaces, the iVMega Premium blogger template is also for you as you can display items for sale in your blogger blog using the theme and easily accept payments.


How to Install iVMega Blogger Template

To install iVMega Blogger Template on your new or existing blogger blog is as simple and easy as installing any other template on Blogspot blogs. However, to customize the iVMega Premium blogger template features including Navigation Menu, cart buttons, cart page, your logo etc. may require special tutorial.

And that is why we contain a fully illustrated and detailed PDF file in your package.

Thus, when you buy iVMega Blogspot Template, you get the template file with the (How-to install) illustrated PDF included.

The illustrated PDF included in your package details every aspect of the template you should know to help you further maximise the use of the template.


20 Good Reasons to Use iVMega Premium Blogger Template for Your Blogspot Blog

  1. Considers and complements with up-to-date SEO practices. Learn more here
  2. Optimized for Google AdSense. Learn more here
  3. iFrame-proof. Learn more here
  4. Optimal security from hackers. Learn more here
  5. Enhanced sticky Navigation menu. Learn more here
  6. Improved sticky search bar. Learn more here
  7. Supports Google Structured Data and rich results snipet. Learn more here
  8. Google AMP-ready. Learn more here
  9. Ultimate copy protection. Learn more here
  10. Supports latest breadcrumb liberary. Learn more here
  11. Shopping cart system enabled. Learn more here
  12. Enhanced and elegant ScrollBar added. Learn more here
  13. Highly responsive and mobile friendly. Learn more here
  14. Enhanced sticky cart Button added. Learn more here
  15. Auto-cache feature supported. Learn more here
  16. Custom locale adverts feature supported. Learn more here
  17. Beautifully designed static pages included. Learn more here
  18. Disqus Comment system by default. Learn more here
  19. Supports for custom error 404. Learn more here
  20. Auto-redirection for error404 pages enabled. Learn more here
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Template Test

Template Test Status

This template has been tested extensively before it is finally released and we are certain, provided you maximise its advantages; it will most likely be the best blogger template you have ever installed.

Template Update Status

Template Update History & Logs

Released Date: September 23, 2020 at 11:00 (London Summer Time)

September 23, 2020:

  1. This is the initial release. No bugs or lags has been observed or reported yet.

For details and to upload the updated version on your blog, please refer to the theme's usage documentation contained in your theme's folder or download the updated files in our cloud drive folder assigned to you.


Although we love to receiving your messages on improvement suggestions to the iVMega Blogger Template, we encourage you to use the comment box below here often - that way, other users would see what's suggested and how we have responded.

Good luck and thank you for your patronage!


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