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Using Twitter, you can pull hundreds if not thousands of traffic to your blogger blog on a daily basis.

The question now is, how can you pull that traffic to your blog using Twitter?

    In this page, I am going to show you exactly how to pull traffic from Twitter to your blogger blog effortlessly.

    So, if you are ready to add a few more tactics to your library of tactics, let's tag along.

    But before we go far, do you even know what Twitter is?

    I know that seem like a dumb question but not everybody really knows what Twitter is. And if you already know what it is, it's the same Twitter you know that we are going to reveal how to pull traffic to your blogger blog from.

    So, What is Twitter?

    Well. is one of the biggest, hottest and reigning social media in these present days.

    Speak of the latest celebrity gist, current happenings including headlines of what's trending and what's to come are being discussed on Twitter.

    So, if you have got any news to learn its gist and know what people are talking about, Twitter is your go to station.

    What's the Connection Between Twitter and Bloggers?

    There is a good reason social influencers turn to Twitter whenever there is need to hype anything.

    Twitter is like a central platform where not only bloggers but also marketers, companies, small and large enterprises and various individuals including celebrities come to share their thought, seek ideas, know what people are talking about, learn new things and get informed.

    Similar to blog, Twitter disseminates and broadcasts information only that Twitter is freely opened to all willing to share, learn, communicate and express their thoughts through the platform.

    Why Should You Pull Traffic from Twitter to your Blog?

    In a simple word, it is easier and can be automated.

    Meanwhile, one of the hardest things to do for most bloggers is gaining quality returning traffic to their blog but it can be made easier if you can deploy some legitimate automated means of moving traffic to your blog.

    And as a matter of fact, Twitter is one of the easiest social channels in this regard, that you can use to your advantage as a blogger.

    Whereas, especially for Blogspot users, it is becoming really difficult to beat the competition and reach maximum readers and followers possible on the internet. Unless you spend extra bucks on PPC adverts, link exchange, guest posting or other quality means of gaining returning traffic to your blog on a scheduled basis, for many blogs; gaining a few thousand additional unique visitors weekly remains a nightmare so much that many wonder that the problem is with Blogspot platform or their chosen theme or so.

    Although, the problem could be with your theme of chosen, your content or your other approaches; the problem is never with Blogspot platform. If your Blogspot blog theme is really good and optimized for mordern SEO guidelines, you will find that it is as easy gaining popularity and accruing maximum traffic as is with other platforms say; WordPress. Meanwhile, it should be noted that your blog contents speak more.

    "If your Blogspot blog theme is really good and optimized for mordern SEO, you will find that it is as easy gaining popularity and accruing maximum traffic as is with other platforms say; WordPress."

    So, why spend so much money on something you can automate and at absolutely no cost?

    What other Method is it than Posting on Twitter?

    Good question.

    The method is the same as sharing your blog posts on Twitter but the only difference there is, is that this method is automated.

    And adds more richness to your blog post so that when shared via Twitter, the shared post riches maximum audience possible.

    Reaching Maximum Audience on Twitter. How?

    By exploring the Twitter hashtag technology.

    I am sure you already have an idea of how much good the social media can do for your blog traffic-wise. However, what I am not sure of is if you have attempted to explore the benefits of the social media to convert traffic to your blog.

    And if you have attempted it, was it automated? Did you achieve notable milestones in terms of traffic to your blog?

    If the answers to these questions is Yes. You probably do not need to read further.

    However, if your answers to those questions is No, this post is for you.

    Okay. So, How Do I Pull Traffic to My Blogger Blog Using Twitter?

    For many blogger blog themes, you already have post sharing widget prebuilt but 99% of these share widgets are not optimized to take advantage of this opportunity

    So, the first thing we would be doing is to tweak your blogger blog theme sharing widget or you replace your existing blogger blog sharing widget with the blogger sharing plugin we provide in this page.

    This tweak will help you make good use of the social media to your Blogspot blog benefit by tapping maximum traffic possible from the social media, especially from twtter.


    This method works best with Twitter and Facebook meanwhile, the content of your blog may also determine the extent of the success achievable.

    "This tweak will help you make good use of the social media to your Blogspot blog benefit by tapping maximum traffic possible from the social media."

    Advantages of Using this Tweak to Boost Traffic to Blogger Blog

    Truly. there are probably a few Blogspot widgets already on the internet that offer your Blogspot blog same or similar functionality but there are some benefits you stand to enjoy using this tweak which include:

    1. Speed:

    Unlike when you are using AddThis, ShareThis or other similar services that offer your blog similar functionality hence extending your blog's load time, this tweak does not alter your blog speed in any way.

    2. Blend:

    This tweak blends better with your Blogspot blog theme regardless. Because other widgets such as AddThis belongs not to you, you have limited access and rights to modify the widgets as you wish but in this case, you can modify the widgets further.

    3. Zero Cost Price:

    You use this at no cost at all. No unwanted ads to show. No price to pay. No demo version or limited usage timeframe. It is premium by design and belongs to you. You own it coutsey of BloggerThemer Ltd.

    4. Lesser Codes:

    Because this tweak only modifies or replaces your existing Blogspot theme sharing widget (depends on what you choose to do with it), you end up with a less condensed template which is better for search engines bots.

    5. Native to Blogspot:

    This tweak utilizes native Blogspot tags. Very few or no external js codes are added or used and no external servers are called except for the defaults.

    How to Tweak your Blogger Blog to Attract Maximum Traffic from Twitter

    1. Backup your Entire Blogger Blog Template

    This process involves modifying your blogger blog template permanently meanwhile, before you proceed, I recommend that you make a full backup of your blogger blog Theme before you alter the template in anyway so that you may be able to revert the changes made in case there is any error.

    If you need help doing that, see: How to Make a Full Backup of your Blogspot Blog Theme

    2. Rename your Blogspot Blog Accordingly:

    Yes. Rename your blogger blog in such a way that the name it bears is the same as your social media handles.

    Example;;Supposed your social handle is @bloggerthemer, your blogger blog should be renamed as bloggerthemer. It does not matter if it is case sensitive or not. In this case, ivTheme, IVTHEME, ivTHEME or bloggerthemer are seen and viewed all the same.

    You can rename the blog from Settings or Layout page but DO NOT rename the blog from the template.

    See the image below:

    blogger blog title

    See: The Best Title Tags for Blogspot Blog: Homepage, Post, Label, 404 and Search Result Pages

    3. Save your Settings:

    You are now done with the Settings aspect and you can save it.

    The next phase is to modify your blogger blog theme where you will either add the optimized sharing widget or replace the one you are already using on your blog with this one.

    4. Copy the CSS Codes Below and Paste it in your Existing Theme:

    The CSS codes contained in the code block below is used to style the blog post sharing widget on your blog; giving it the appearance such that it blends with your blog.

    The next step shows you where to paste it within your blogger blog theme.

    .bloggerthemer-share-bar{position: fixed; left: 0; right: 0; bottom: 0; background: rgb(238, 238, 238, .2); border: 1px solid #2b2d49; width: 100%; height: 50px; overflow: hidden; z-index: 202;}.bloggerthemer-share-inner{position: absolute; left: 100px; width: 100%; height: 50px; padding: 10px; float: right;}.bloggerthemer-share-inner a{display:inline-block; font-size: 12px; padding:7px 13px; line-height:1; border-radius:4px;}.bloggerthemer-share-inner a i{font-size:14px;}.bloggerthemer-share-text{position: absolute; float: left; left: 0; background: #2f325a; color: #fff; height: 50px; width: 100px; margin: 0 10px 0 0; padding: 1px 2px; text-overflow: hidden; text-align: center;}.bloggerthemer-share-text text{display: block; font-size: 14px; font-weight: 600;}.bloggerthemer-share-text icon{display: block; font-size: 20px; font-weight: 1200;}.bloggerthemer-share-inner a:hover, .bloggerthemer-Share-bar a:focus {opacity: .5;}a.face-ico{color:#fff; background: #3B5998;}a.twi-ico{color:#fff; background: #19BFE5;}a.pint-ico{color:#fff; background:#ca2127;}a.bitz-ico{color:#fff; background:#23A215;}{color:#fff; background:#0077b5;}a.wat-ico{color:#fff; background: #008800;}

    Now, paste the CSS codes copied from above into your blogger blog theme CSS section.

    In your blog Theme, from your blogger account, navigate to Theme and click it.From the page that shows, click the 3-vertical dots and then click Edit HTML.

    edit blogger blog HTML

    Click anywhere inside the HTML Code And press the CTRL + F keys on your keyboard. This will open the search box that enables you search from within the code area only.

    c. From within the search box that opens above, search for this code:


    d. Just above it, copy and paste the CSS lines in the code block you earlier copied from above.

    5. Copy the Optimized Blogger Blog Sharing Widget Codes Below:

    The blogger blog sharing widget provided here contains the share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Whatsapp only.

    <div class='bloggerthemer-share-bar'><div class='bloggerthemer-share-text'> <icon><i class='fa fa-share-alt-square' /></icon> <text>SHARE ON: </text> </div><div class='bloggerthemer-share-inner'><a class='face-ico' expr:href='"" + data:post.url' onclick=', 'windowName', 'width=550, height=650, left=24, top=24, scrollbars, resizable'); return false;' rel='nofollow'><i class='fa fa-facebook'/> Share</a><a class='twi-ico' expr:href='"" + data:post.url + "&text=" + data:post.title + "&hashtags=" + + "&via=" + data:blog.title' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'><i class='fa fa-twitter'/> Tweet</a><a class='pint-ico' expr:href='"" + data:post.url + "&media=" + data:post.featuredImage + "&description=" + data:post.title' onclick=', 'windowName', 'width=735, height=750, left=24, top=24, scrollbars, resizable'); return false;' rel='nofollow'><i class='fa fa-pinterest'/> Share</a><a class='link-ico' expr:href='"" + data:post.url' onclick=', 'windowName', 'width=950, height=650, left=24, top=24, scrollbars, resizable'); return false;' rel='nofollow'><i class='fa fa-linkedin'/> Share</a><b:if cond='data:blog.isMobileRequest'>                <a class='wat-ico' expr:href='"" + data:post.title + " | " + data:post.url' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'><i class='fa fa-whatsapp'/> Share</a><b:else/><a class='wat-ico' expr:href='"" + data:post.title + " | " + data:post.url' onclick=', 'windowName', 'width=900, height=550, left=24, top=24, scrollbars, resizable'); return false;' rel='nofollow'><i class='fa fa-whatsapp'/> Share</a></b:if></div></div>

    6. Replace the Existing Sharing Widget on your Blog with the Ones Copied Above

    If you already have a sharing widget on your blog, replace it with one whose codes you copied from above. If you do not have any sharing widget installed on your blogger blog yet, simply install the one whose codes you copied above.


    To replace the existing sharing widget on your blog with the one above, just copy the entire codes above and replace it with the entire code of your existing sharing widget on your Blogspot blog.


    1. If you are using any of our themes, we have already updated all our themes to include this tweak features. Simply download the updated version and update your theme accordingly.

    2. If you're not using our theme and having difficulties at replacing the sharing buttons, we can help you. Simply contact us from here.

    7. Save Your Theme!

    Finally, you are now done with the tweak.

    The optimized sharing widget should now be fully functional on your blogger blog after saving the theme. You may first preview your blog and if everything looks good to you, Save the Theme.

    So, What Does this Tweak Do?

    To put simply, this tweak adds and embed a #hashtag and your @socialhandle to every of your blogger blog post shared on social media.

    Meanwhile, it should be noted that the @socialhandle such as @bloggerthemer only works with Twitter shares.

    You might be worrying to know what difference this tweak makes anyways?.

    Yes. It makes only a slight difference but tremendous changes.

    Just read further to understand the analysis.

    How to Make Good Use of this Tweak

    Now that that's done, do not forget to make good use of this Tweak. Below here we have some tips on how to maximize the benefits.

    Tips On Gaining Popularity and Maximum Traffic for your Blogger Blog Using this Social Network Sharing Tweak

    Before you go, it is important that you read this section.


    Because it would be of no use for you if after applying this tweak, you could not attract maximum traffic and gain returning unique visits to your blog on daily basis.

    So, here we are.

    In order for you to be able to gain maximum traffic to your blog with the help of this tweak;

    1. Use Common Labels:

    As earlier pointed out, putting the most common labels or tags in your niche mean much to the success of this method.


    Take Twitter as an example; when you post on Twitter with an #hashtag say, #Google, that post gets exposed to these sets of Twitter users:

    • Users searching for Google on twitter
    • Users following the Trend "Google" on twitter
    • People searching for the word "Google" from search engines e.g Google, Bing, Baidu etc.

    Now, can you guess the number of people in those Twitter users categories listed above?

    Hundred? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Millions?

    That's right. That's exactly the number of unique users your posts would be exposed to using this Social Sharing Tweak.

    In short, the more popular and related your labels in the image below are to your blog niche, the better the reachability and success of this tweak for your blogger blog.

    blogger blog labels hashtag on Twitter

    2. Use your Social Handle

    Using your social handle is most useful in two ways for this tweak and that applies to only Twitter users.

    The usefulness of using your social handle include;

    1. For tracking number of shares: when you use your social handle especially Twitter in this social network sharing tweak, you get notified each time your blog posts are shared. And by that you get the chance to reply and give responses as at when required and appropriate.
    2. For search engines recognition: using your social handle further strengthens your brand. For example; when people search on Google for your blog name, related name or related terms, keywords or key phrase, Google brings and shows on the SERP; your brand hashtag loaded with discussions by you or anyone that mentions your handle on Twitter. Additionally, this helps search engines list your social media profiles on your brand / blog SERP.

    3. Publish Contents that Get Shared Naturally:

    This is more like the key point, the sole reason for traffic automation.

    Still don't get it?

    Okay. Let me help you out.

    If you are like us at BloggerThemer, you should have known by now that, since a few years ago; people hardly share blog posts.

    But. Does that mean readers don't share post at all?

    No. They do. Just that people share only some posts that belong to a very specific categories. These categories include;

    • Posts that proffer solutions
    • Posts that are of direct interest to the readers
    • Posts that offer incentives for actions

    Blog posts that belong to the categories listed above get shared readily and naturally.

    So, why is posts that get shared naturally the sole reason for traffic automation?

    Because each time your readers share your blog post on Twitter for example; they expose that post to;

    1. their Twitter followers and friends
    2. Users searching for your added labels / tags on twitter
    3. Users following the added labels / tags' Trend on twitter
    4. People searching for your added labels / tags from search engines e.g Google, Bing, Baidu etc.

    And that's automated. Why? Because you don't initiate it by yourself.

    People you don't pay to do it, do it freely and at will.

    So, if say; twenty (20) readers of that same post share the post in a day, they expose that post to the same number of people that falls in the categories outlined above at twenty (20) different times that day alone.

    Do you now get the gist?

    4. Encourage Visitors to Share Your Content

    Well, if you already have many posts that don't get shared naturally, you can encourage your readers to share your posts.

    How possible?

    Very possible. You can offer your readers an incentive which may include a download, a discount on purchases, access to exclusive content. The list is endless.

    What to offer your readers in exchange for sharing your blog post depends generally on two things;

    1. Your target: what you aim to gain in return. Maybe your post is talking about an item your visitors should check out or a service they should try. In any case, if when your readers share your blog post on say twitter, you stand to make some money off their actions, you should offer your readers something fairly substantial to encourage them share the post. Meanwhile, if your target is basically in gaining traffic, you may decide to offer your readers exclusive item, content etc which would not cost you money or not much as well.
    2. Your budget: if you really don't care how much you spend or what you give in exchange for sharing your blog post, regardless of your target, you may offer your readers anything attractive.

    Okay. Now that's all the means we have tried and found to be working really good and serving the intended purposes for us and our clients.

    If you have tried other means or you eventually tried other options that make your readers share your blog post more, do let us know via the comment section so we can discuss it further.

    Final Thoughts on Deploying this Twitter Traffic Tweak

    Although many bloggers argue that Blogspot is no where close the benefits and ease-of-use most other blogging platforms offer especially WordPress that is often in direct comparison to Blogspot, but then; depending on the circumstances availed, Blogspot could have been the best option for most bloggers. That is already discussed here:

    See: Blogspot or WordPress. Which is Best for You?

    Now, on other blogging platforms especially, WordPress; you have access to hundreds of plugins that allow you do this or that on your blog. Though most of these plugins are available at a cost (price), some of them have demo versions with limited functions and some setbacks (encrypted codes) embedded within them. If you wish, you may choose to buy those plugins or opt for the demo version.

    For Blogspot platform on the other hand, there are very limited widgets but definitely unlimited tweaks.

    Which of course, one of the many reasons we decide to show you how to tweak your Blogspot template to take advantage of this free means of automatically attracting unique visitors to your Blogspot blog daily.

    So, if you have thought of other widget, plugins or enhancements you want us work on for your blogger blog, do let us know in your comment. You may also check our blogger blog themes here.


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