How to Spot and Stop Content Theft of Your Blogger Blog Posts

If you are here, you are probably confused over what to do to stop some websites and or blogs from publishing your blog posts on their feed, site or blog without your consent.

Yes. That's right. I have had similar issues with one of my blogs as well and I am going to show you exactly how to deal with that issue the best way. And if you care to know, it will be to your advantage on the long run.

Before I proceed, let me give an insight into what you may have noticed to think stoping it is the next line of action.

Okay. Let me start this way: maybe you have noticed that some websites or blogs publish or post your exact blog posts content without modifying a single word to their own blogs and or websites.

And to stop that act, you have disabled your blog's feed or set your blog to only push summary of your blog posts to your blog feed.

Or, maybe you have even disabled the copy (paste) feature of your blog. And that should make copying your blog posts difficult for many. Right?

But then, yet you could not stop them. Those sites are still able to publish your exact blog posts content on their blogs or websites. Right?

Yes. You cannot stop them unless you;

  • Understand what they do.
  • Know how they are able to accomplish it.
  • And lastly, you could think of a way to stop them or override their methods.

Now, let me tell you exactly what. Your blog domain is being iframed by those websites or blogs phishing your exact blog posts content.

What is iFrame?

iFrame is an HTML tag which is used to specify an inline iFrame. Meanwhile, an inline frame is used to embed another document within the current HTML document.

In its simple raw format, an ifram looks something like this:

<iframe src="" title="Premium Tutorials for Bloggers by BloggerThemer"></iframe>

Though, similar to other HTML tags, an iframe tag can be further modified and designed using CSS, if what is written in the example above is what was used; all blog posts published on would appear within the body of the blog or webpage where the iframe line of code in the example above appears. And it will do so in the exact time and order with which those document or blog posts appear on the source url which in this case is

Now, do you understand better?


Now, to stop them; you should understand that what they have done is not a copy and paste work but a more advanced mean.

The only viable, quicker and legal way of stopping them is to change the intent of their codes by overriding it. Yes.

To override the iframe codes on those website and blogs that automatically publishes your own blog posts on their blogs and websites, all you would have to do is to implement an auto-redirection for iframe content pages from your end.

This way, all visitors of those blogs and websites that automatically publishes your blog posts on their site or blog would be automatically redirected to the exact page(s) on the source url which in this case is your own blog.


Supposed you publish a post titled "A" on your blog. That post appear on the content theft site or blog.

Then, a visitor say "Mr B" visits the content titled "A" on the content theft site.

Then, Mr B would be redirected to that same post titled "A" on your blog automatically.

This is done automatically for all your blog posts that appear on all other blogs and sites that publish your blog posts using iframe.

So, instead of seeming like a duplicate of your blog posts, it would be serving more like backlinks that points back to your blog. Or, we may even think of it as error pages with 301 redirection.

And as a result of this, instead of milking off your website or blog traffic, those content theft sites and blog would be serving added advantages to your blog by pouring your blog more traffic than usual.

How to Automatically Redirect Blog Posts in Iframe to the Source Page URL

Although, this is a long, tideous and extensive topic to discuss but I'll make it seem simpler by breaking it into three (3) segments:

  1. How to achieve your primary aim for reading this content; to block blogs and websites that copy paste or publish your blog posts without your consent by overriding their intent.
  2. Make you understand why those sites and blogs that are copying your content do so.
  3. The resulting effects of the act, if you fail to curb them by stopping them from copying your content.

Now, let's take them one after another. From the list above, for majority, how to stop those content theft websites and blogs is their major concern and here you go:

Note: This tutorial is specifically meant for blogger blogs but the same method works with any other CMS that supports JavaScript.

To Redirect Blog Posts In iframe to the Source URL

  1. Visit blogger homepage by visiting and login your dashboard.
  2. Blogger blog dashboard
  3. From the blogger menu to your left, scroll down to Theme and click it.
  4. On the page that opens next, locate Edit HTML and click it.
  5. JS code copied to text editor
  6. Click within the bunch of codes that appear and then, click CTRL + F keys at once. Almost immediately, a search widget would pop up. This search widget allows you search within the bunch of codes only.
  7. search within HTML editor
  8. Now, copy the code below and paste it within the search widget in step four (4) above and press the enter key.
  9. </head>
  10. Once found, just above the line of code you located, copy and paste the line of codes below here.
  11. <!-- ivt-framer redirects instructor --><script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">if (window!= top) top.location.href = location.href;</script><!-- ivt-framer redirects -->
  12. Now, save your Theme. To test that these codes work, visit any of the sites or blogs that's using iframe to re-publish your blog post then, visit any of those blog posts that originate from your blog. Bravo! That post redirects to your blog post on your own domain.

Now you have won the battle.

And by that, the first goal in the list is achieved. Now, if you care to learn the other two (2) thus; i. why those blogs re-publish your blog posts and ii. the resulting effects if you fail to override them; you may read ahead and acquire some fresh knowledge here.

Origin of Content theft

For a very long time, for webmasters; content has being the king! Because it is the primary factor the search engines such as Google use to determine every single website's and blog's ranking in their system, many webmasters work really hard developing good quality content and keeping their blogs and websites fresh and updated on a regular basis.

While at that, there are some bad actors in the field who are simply waiting for the good ones to do the hard part of the work and publish the content on their websites or blog and then they; the bad actors would only come and do the utterly simple dirty part by just copying the content in whole and slap it in their own feed, website or blog.

Why Your Blog Maybe A Target for Content theft

Since the search engines have criteria for ranking sites, and trust me, content theft happens for two (2) major reasons which are: ii. to rank higher is search engines ii. to realize much better revenue off AdSense or similar advertising platform.

Other than the forelisted reasons; any other reasons for content theft are minor. And for these reasons, any site or blog willing to engage in content theft would target only the blog or site that is / has:

  • Ranks fairly better in search engines
  • Has a number of good and quality back links
  • Publishes quality content
  • Is engaging and has good followers and readership
  • And more importantly, updates regularly

Now, if you check the list above and compare the sites that have suffered from content theft, you will realize that if not all, most of them has much in common.

Hence, it is certain that your current blog that's been affected has got some if not all or more of the qualities forelisted above which are what actually attracted those blogs to it.

If you have other blogs that's got those qualities packed, if not yet, it is certain that they'll be targeted soon as well.

So, if I were you, I would act now.

Why You Must Act Fast and Stop your Blog Content from Being Stolen

Without anyone telling you, one thing you must already know is that; your blog content is being duplicated on the internet. And that's not something good.

Sure. It's not something good but do you have the idea of how bad it is?

Okay. Let me give you an insight.

Let's supposed blog A, B and C publish the same content as yours on their website or blog.

Remember, they use iframe to pushing the posts, hence all the posts would bear the same date as they appear on the original blog or site plus all the content would be the same.


Usually, other than the pains and time invested in creating your content, it is possible that iframe blog posts rank higher in search engines than the original content.


What happens is, because Google sees those content as the same, at first; they may not be treated as duplicate content since the iframe tag is intact but one thing is certain; Google would have difficulties ranking those domains based on the content or post quality.

In this case, Google would refer to and rank the content based on other criteria such as domain authority, backlinks, freshness, design which include AMP feature, mobile friendly and responsiveness among others.

If eventually any of those other websites or blog that publishes your blog content is able to beat your domain in more ways than supposed, Google would rank them higher than yours.

Yes. You read that right.

Though you own the content, if iframe pages beat your domain in more ways, Google would rank the iframe page higher regardless.

Meanwhile, that's a usual possibility. However, in worst case scenarios, more could happen.

In Worst Case Scenarios:

Although, there is no much evidence to this as I have not personally confirmed it to be true but it is possible that Google may deindex or derank all the blog posts altogether.

In order to further in this aspect and give a detailed discussion and perhaps, suggestions; I shall work further on the issue and update this post in a later date.

Meanwhile, in the mean time, you may stay glued to our updates and check on our SEO tips for the best SEO practices for blogger blog and also, our blogger blog trick and tips to better enhance your blogger blog experience.


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